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Chester Jefferies

Chester Jefferies is a family-run business founded in 1936, offering British-made bespoke gloves for men and women. Their quality and attention to detail are what sets them apart from other glove makers, and they use only the finest materials, carefully selected by their own master glove maker.


Chester Jefferies gloves are made from leather skins which are individually inspected and prepared before being cut by hand by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Our Collection of Chester Jefferies gloves

We are proud to stock a superb selection of Chester Jefferies gloves. We have simple and classic 100% leather gloves in traditional black and dark brown shades, available with or without a 100% silk lining. We also have extremely warm and soft lambskin gloves with a fabulous curly lambswool lining. These gloves are made with “Quirks” — small diamond shaped pieces of leather sewn at the base of the fingers where they are attached to the hand of the glove to improve the fit.

Browse our range of Chester Jefferies gloves online or in person at our Castle Douglas shop.


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