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Today, Andrew Livingston, the fourth generation to run the business, is recognised as one of the UK’s most skilled bespoke tailors. Livingston remains a one-stop shop for men’s style. We stock excellent off-the-peg tailoring brands, such as Magee, Chrysalis, Gurteen and Roy Robson, whose ready-to-wear garments keep many of our customers looking smart and feeling happy. We can, of course, carry out any small alterations at our King Street workroom.

Increasingly, however, our more discerning customers are opting for our extensive and expert made-to-measure tailoring service, which is a significant step up in quality, fit and appearance. Deciding to have a made-to-measure suit (or jacket or trousers or overcoat) is a luxurious treat in which you and our expert team collaborate to create a unique outfit literally tailored to your personal requirements.

1 - You receive one-to-one advice

Our tailoring experts will take their time to guide you through the made-to-measure process, providing unbiased advice on what is best for your body shape, how you move and the look you hope to achieve. A host of measurements will be taken to ensure the best fit possible for you.

2 - The garments will do what you want them to.

As part of our consultation, we will discuss in depth what the suit is for, how often you will wear it and it what conditions. Is it for business or pleasure? Is it for everyday wear or for special occasions only? Is it for summer or all-year round? We will advise on the best solution in terms of cloth, cut and fit.

3 - A great suit starts with great cloth.

Our made-to-measure programme offers hundreds of cloth options from top British and European mills, far more than you will ever find in any ready-to-wear range. With our in-depth knowledge of cloth and how it performs, we can guide you to make the best selection for your needs in terms of fibre type (from linen to fine wool to cashmere etc), of weight, pattern and colour.

4 - It’s all in the details.

With our made-to-measure service, you can personalise your outfit in so many ways including choice of lining, style and position of pockets, colour of stitching, types of buttons, belt loop or braces buttons, and so on. Our style experts will ensure your final suit is as classy and elegant as can be.

5 - This is a step-up in style.

Our made-to-measure options cover both double-breasted and single-breasted styles. If you choose the latter, why not consider adding a waistcoat to your suit or jacket to create the most classically elegant look? Remember also it makes perfect sense to order two pairs of trousers with a suit as trousers always wear out faster than jackets. A second pair will prolong the life of the outfit.

If this sounds confusing, it’s not. The Livingston team will be on hand to guide you through every stage to realise a garment or garments that will fit you better than any ready-to-wear alternative. The finished product will be unique to you. And we are pretty certain you will be back to repeat the made-to-measure experience.

The Livingston made-to-measure concept is based around a number of tailoring shapes or patterns known in the menswear trade as “blocks” that can be adjusted before the garments are sewn in the high-quality factories we work with. In its simplest form, therefore, made-to-measure can be described as having the alterations you require being made before you try on the garment. More importantly, however, the process permits you, as the customer, to select from many variables, including the cloth, lining, buttons, number of pockets, width of lapel, silhouette of jacket and trousers, trousers pleats, button fly or zip fly, turn-ups and so on.

Call in to the shop or email to discuss your made-to-measure tailoring requirements with us. The turnround time for a made-to-measure suit is about 6 weeks. Prices for a two-piece suit start from £700, depending on the cloth selected. NB: If you want a full bespoke tailoring service, which is an even more sophisticated and personal experience than made-to-measure, Andrew Livingston will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you. Prices for an individually-cut, hand-made, bespoke two-piece suit start from £2,600, depending on cloth. Email for more details.

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